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Yunnan Yunnei Power Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in January 2007. It is a wholly state-owned company. It is located in the Yunnan DianZhong New Area and covers an area of 182 acres. The company has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of "Do it, be the ultimate" and inheriting the Yunnei Power (A-share code: 000903) The advanced concept of listed companies and Yunnei Power Group (total assets of 20.319 billion), and has more than 60 years of international leading technical support from Yunnei Power Group. With many experts in the field of casting, the company independently developed cast-state spheroidal graphite casting 900-4, and produced ball-iron castings such as crankshafts, body bearing caps and gear plates, which are at the leading level in China. The company has dozens of patents and has passed IATF16949 quality management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification and environmental management system certification. After years of business accumulation and product transformation and upgrading, the company is mainly engaged in product positioning castings, diesel generator sets, power and oil products, and agricultural machinery. The business system is sound, and various products support each other and develop synergistically.

Taking the cold chain logistics unit products as the core, Yunnei Machinery focuses on building a series of products with intelligent, remote control, low noise, high power, multi-functional integration and high emission as the core features, using the unique engine technology advantages in the Yunnei Power, the unique geographical environment of the plateau, from the power to the overall optimization design, comprehensive development, testing, development of the most perfect products, to create a new generation of benchmark brand cold chain logistics units, to achieve comparable levels with foreign brands The cold chain unit is currently widely used in the fields of cold chain semi-trailers and cold chain box trucks at home and abroad.

The agricultural machinery plate plateau hilly light hydraulic tractor is an international advanced level jointly developed by Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming 705, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Yunnan Agricultural Machinery Research Institute and other units. Hydrostatic transmission, stepless speed high-end tractor, is a multi-functional mobile power platform for a variety of agricultural machinery, which fills the gap in the field of domestic tractor hydraulic stepless transmission technology.

Qin Weiqi Studio


I. Introduction to Qin Weiqi

Qin Weiqi, male, member of the Communist Party of China, born in 1953, native of Changzhi, Shanxi, bachelor degree. In April 1970, he joined the work and became a foundry worker. In September 1975, he went to university got his bachelor degree, his major was foundry. After graduating in June 1978, he returned to the original factory as a technician; in 1980, he served as the deputy director of the foundry; in 1982,

he was the director of the foundry; in May 1983, he joined the Communist Party of China; in 1984, he served as the head of the foundry inspection department; in 1986, he was the foundry. Chief of Production Science; Chief of Technical Section of Foundry in 1987; Deputy Chief Engineer and Chief of Technology of Foundry in 1988; Chief Engineer and Deputy Director of Foundry in 1990. Retired in 2011.

II. Studio members

Qin Weiqi is the person in charge of the studio. The studio members include the Minister of Casting, the Deputy Minister, the dispatcher, the team leader, the foundry business backbone, the metallographic inspector, and the intern student.

III. The purpose of the studio

With the aim of casting technology, technical difficulties, service production, and training of backup technology, the studio accelerates the cultivation of high-skilled talents in Yunnei Machinery through the establishment of studios, solves production technology problems, and promotes industrial upgrading and technological progress; High-skilled talents gather to form a strong technical and technical talent team, so that high-skilled talents can give full play to their skills superiority in technological innovation and skill inheritance, train more skilled talents for enterprises, and carry out technological innovation and technological research for high-skilled talents. Create conditions for activities such as imparting skills and teaching, and promote the inheritance and innovation of high-skilled personnel's practical experience and technological achievements.

Li Haoming Studio


Li Haoming, graduated from Yunnan Electromechanical Vocational and Technical College in 2010, a college diploma, and a member of the Communist Party of China. In 2010, he entered the Yunnei Machinery Co., Ltd., and served as the on-site construction worker of the foundry, the internal auditor of the quality system, the agricultural machinery development engineer, and the technical manager of the generator set. Because of his outstanding work performance, he was awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Communist Party Member”,

“Excellent Teacher and Scholar”, “Beyond Learning to Overtake, Striving for First-Class Advanced List”. In January 2010, Li Haoming entered the company's internship. Through hard work, in October 2011, he took the lead in tackling the technical process of castings. The single scrap rate was significantly improved and reduced, and the overall scrap rate was reduced by 2 percentage points. The company reduced the quality loss and saved the economic cost by about 300,000 yuan.In March 2014, the company's business transformation and upgrading, Li Haoming from the technical quality management department to allocate equipment group, responsible for the agricultural machinery business, the first batch of agricultural machinery in Yunnei Machinery was born. In 2016, Yunnei Machinery began to develop 20, 30, 40, 50KW generator sets. As the project leader, Li Haoming assumed development and on-site technical work. In April 2018, the company set up a generator set project team. Li Haoming served as the technical manager and assumed the development and production technical support for the generator set series products. He successfully developed 495DB, 4100DB, YN25DB, 4102DB, 4102DBZL, D30, D65 and other series. Models and successful implementation of the sale. After eight years of work, Li Haoming went from casting to agricultural machinery to generator sets. From the point of theoretical knowledge just graduated to the technical and business backbone of Yunnei Machinery, his growth stems from hard work and hard work. Starting from small things, long-term accumulation. Working for many years, taking the factory as the home, often in order to solve a problem, working overtime at the scene until late at night, constantly exploring the experiment. He often said that he is not the smartest person, so he must be the hardest person. After years of hard work and accumulation, Li Haoming has become the company's technical and business backbone.

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