Business Culture

Core value:

Do it, be the ultimate

The Yunnei machinery enterprise and all employees will “do it, and do it to the extreme” as the core of the corporate culture, and it is the value evaluation standard that is jointly recognized and advocated. Do, emphasize execution; do the ultimate, emphasize the ultimate pursuit of quality, do the work fine, do things fine. "Doing it, doing it to the extreme" means using a positive way of thinking, full of enthusiasm, paying as much as anyone's efforts, and exerting its greatest potential. Life will be fruitful and happy!

Business Philosophy:

to create excellent quality with integrity, to promote cooperation and win-win.

Product quality is the fundamental and development guarantee of an enterprise in the market. The quality of the product determines the development of the enterprise. The company attaches great importance to the quality of the product, fully mobilizes the enthusiasm and creativity of the employees, guarantees the product quality to the maximum extent, and makes the Yunnei machinery enterprise become a reliable brand; we are committed to integrity, steady operation, maintain a good cooperative relationship with equipment manufacturers, suppliers, agents and the majority of end-users and other partners, the pursuit of maximum performance and reasonable profit, and constantly improve customers Satisfaction, the ultimate realization of a win-win situation with partners, and together development and growth.

Yunnei Machinery Vision:

To build Yunnei Machinery into an outstanding enterprise with employee pride and social respect.

As a subsidiary of Yunnei Group, Yunnei Machinery adheres to the fine tradition of Yunnei Power, has a broad mind and a lofty aspirations, and always adheres to the innovation-driven development strategy. Based on the small and medium-sized castings, generator sets and agricultural machinery industries extended by the engine industry, "Working in the profession", adhere to the strategic layout of the "three major industries", believe, rely on and respect the employees, and through the constant efforts of all employees, make Yunnei Machinery proud of its employees and appreciated by the society.

Enterprise Spirit:

Teamwork, Diligence, Attentively, Concentration, Persistence, Acme

We advocate that employees should have excellent team spirit in their work. Teams are the teams built to achieve common goals with firm beliefs. Everyone's strength is insignificant. Only by integrating into the team and working with the team, can we maximize personal value.
We advocate employees to work and study unremittingly, actively and diligently, to make up for their mistakes, to think diligently, to innovate bravely, to do any work, and to pay no less than anyone's efforts, to work diligently, to try bravely, and to exert unlimited potential.
We advocate that employees should be attentive, good at thinking and summing up any work. A person can be not smart, but can not be absent-minded. Successful people are often not the smartest people, but they must be the most attentive and diligent people. Smart mind is important, but only with intention, can they achieve the best and the best.
We advocate that employees should be attentive, concentrate and devote themselves to every task, and concentrate their time, energy and wisdom on the work they are doing, so as to maximize their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, eliminate interference, go forward courageously and strive to achieve their goals.
We advocate perseverance, high ambition and conviction in doing any work, perseverance in setbacks, determination of direction, determination of green hills, seizing opportunities, difficulties, perseverance in struggle, and perseverance in reaching goals.
We advocate that employees do any work, "Do it, be the ultimate", do things carefully, specially, do it to the extreme, always in a positive way of thinking, full of enthusiasm, pay no less than anyone's efforts, to maximize their potential, life will be fruitful and happy.

Yunnei Machinery Mission:

In pursuit of both material and spiritual well-being of employees and partners, it adds luster to Chinese manufacturing.

Yunnei Machinery is an excellent enterprise that pursues the happiness of both material and spiritual aspects of all employees and partners, and devotes itself to adding luster to Chinese manufacturing. Employees regard Yunnei Machinery as their own company and regard themselves as the operators of the company. Employees and Yunnei Machinery are the destiny community. The relationship between employees is not only the relationship of colleagues, but also the common struggle for the same goal. Our partners include not only equipment manufacturers, suppliers and agents, but also the vast number of end-users. Yunnei Machinery and partners are the fate community of working hand in hand and sharing weal and woe. We are committed to continuous, steady and honest production and operation, pursuing maximum performance and reasonable profit. We constantly improve product quality and service level, and constantly improve customer satisfaction. The development of enterprises can not be separated from the support of the state and all sectors of society. The strong state provides a good platform for the innovation and development of enterprises. We should not only develop and strengthen enterprises, but also look at the world, pursue technological innovation and industrial upgrading, add luster to Chinese manufacturing and contribute to Chinese manufacturing going to the world.

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