Four Strong:

① With the accurate analysis of finite element method, the weight distribution of fasteners is more reasonable, the steel pipe and fasteners are in the state of joint surface, and the protruding trademark design is adopted with the use of new materials, which changes the traditional concave trademark weaken the strength of fasteners and adds reinforcing bars at the weak points of strength, so as to enhance the anti-deformation ability of fasteners;

② "Yunnei" brand building fastener anti-sliding capacity coefficient reaches 1.0, butt fastener anti-sliding bearing capacity design value reaches 3.50, right angle fastener, rotary fastener anti-sliding bearing capacity design value reaches 8.50, with strong anti-sliding performance;

③ With the new connection, special high strength T-bolts, thick nuts, thick washers and rivets in Yunnei ensure that the fasteners can always be fixed vertically and firmly under the condition of steel tube deformation, and have strong anti-stripping ability;

④ It not only adopts advanced and special nodular graphite casting technology, but also has strong rust resistance after passivation and immersion anti-rust paint treatment.

Two High:

  • ① The reuse rate is over 50% higher than that of common cast iron fasteners.

  • ② The loading and unloading efficiency is 15% higher than that of ordinary fasteners.

One New:

The appearance design is novel, and the appearance patents of butt, right angle and rotation fasteners are obtained.