Yunnei Machinery has a crankshaft iron mould sand coating production line, a vertical box-less molding production line, a resin sand production line and a box-less core assembly production line with an annual production capacity of about 40,000 tons of castings. It can produce gray iron, nodular iron, cast steel and other castings of various grades and specifications. A single small batch of cast steel and iron castings can be up to 5 tons. Mainly produces fasteners, motor end caps and other small and medium-sized castings, engine core components crankshaft, bearing caps. Engine products are matched with state-owned listed companies and leading enterprises in China's automotive parts and engines industry. The cooperation relationship is stable and the market prospects are broad.

Relying on the group's existing strong fixed assets advantages and strong scientific research force as the starting point, the foundry workshop has advanced production technology and production technology. Melting: Melting technology of medium frequency electric furnace; Modeling: box-less extrusion, sand-covered iron mould, core assembly and other modelling technology. Core-making: cold core, hot core, shell core technology and programmed sand treatment system. The application of CAD/CAE/CAM technology in die design and manufacturing, spectral analyzer, electronic metallographic microscope, universal testing machine, sand performance tester and other advanced equipment, to provide timely and accurate information for product quality control. It has passed ISO TS 16949 quality management system certification, which provides better support for product quality assurance.